Our HR approach is to make Yaris Kabin the most preferred company by the employees with our innovative HR practices.

Our company strategy is to develop and implement HR systems based on equality in opportunity, respect diversity and ethical values, improvement-oriented and support high performance.

Recruitment and Assigment

Our recruitment and assigment processes are based on "the right person for the right job" approach.

The methods in the recruitment process can vary according to the position.

At this stage;

  • Personality Inventory

  • General Ability Test

  • Foreign Language Test

  • Competency Based Interview

  • Technical Qualification Interview

are applied (some or all of them) according to the requirements of the position.

Candidates who wish to join our family can apply us via or through our web site.

We understand the sensivity of all candidates who pass the reqruitment process and we certainly inform them about the result.


Yaris Kabin organizes regular training activities to prepare colleagues for both their technical knowledge, skills and experience, as well as their personal and career development.

Performance Management

We evaluate the performance of our colleagues with "Target and Competence Based Performance System" which is taken into consideration in observable behaviors that exhibits as concrete business results.

Salary and Reward

Yaris Kabin aims to implement a rewarding and fair pay policy that is consistent with market and geographical conditions by our market wage researches, business analysis and performance management instruments.

Vested Benefits

We provide transportation and catering services for all colleagues. In addition, vested benefits are offered according to the diversity of the vested benefits and the seniority.

Working Hours

Working hours in Yaris Kabin are 45 hours between 07:30 - 18:00 on weekdays. In some of our production departments, the shift system is applied.