We will be the preferred organization in the world with our own know-how and capability to produce safe, comfortable vehicle cabin and equipment.


We create safe and productive work environment for our experienced and knowledgeable associates.
We will generate growth by always exceeding our customer’s expectations with our safe, comfortable, aesthetic products of agricultural and industrial cabin and equipment.
We provide flexible production capabilities using world class manufacturing methods, support our customers and suppliers by continuously adding value to their products and processes.


- Be fair and respectful of human rights
- Be honest and trust worthy
- Protect the environment and human health
- Become one of the world's leading organizations by creating our own know-how
- Adopt quality assurance as our lifestyle
- Continuously improve employee health, safety and working environment
- Work with other companies and institutions with mutual respect and professionalism
- Continuously improve our business relationship with all customers and suppliers
- Carry out all work within the framework of ethical principles
- Ensure employee loyalty by becoming respectful and reliable company in the region
- Ensure that our investment is long term and enlightening for our future generations
- Achieve perfection by means of rational and scientific work methods
- Adopt teamwork and participative team spirit
- Respect law, cultural and national values
- Take social responsibility and contribute in the society