Our facility is the worldwide leader of its sector with 70.000 units of production capacity.

In our facility; we extend the warranty period of our products to fulfill the requirements of today coating technologies.

Electro Coating (EC)

The cataphoresis coating is a water based surface treatment with remarkable resistance to corrosion and oxidation, taking advantage of equally and fully coating of various geometrical patterns and surfaces. It is environment friendly comparing to various other coating methods and also accommodates low risk of inflammability.

Powder Paint

Powder coat is an excellent coating method to coat the angles and corners of complex parts perfectly. This method eliminates the dripping-flowing marks and local dents on the surface. Powder coating method gives the coated material a high quality, durable surface. Zinc- phosphate coating and cataphoresis coating is applied prior to powder coating application. 

The advantages of powder paint:
• Durability
• Flexibility
• Brightness
• Corrosion resistance
• Wear resistance
• Impact resistance
• Scratch resistance
• Chemical resistance
• Humidity resistance
• UV ray resistance
• Resistance to external conditions