Yarış Kabin, is a leader company which blends its experience and resources with technology in order to meet specific customer request, satisfaction and demands.

We process sheet metal, profile and structural materials in our cutting, drilling and rolling facility. We cut and bend structural shapes with robotic arms in cold forming process. We make a difference in the sector with FIFO (First in First Out) application in managing raw materials. 

Cutting Process

This is the cutting process of supplied the raw materials by 2D, 3D laser cut machinery or robotic tools with respect to the customers’ needs and expectations.


Circular, hexagonal or various sized holes are drilled on the metal sheets and structural materials with CNC or robotics with high precision and sensitivity.


This is the process of preparing the sheets or the structural materials for the next station or for the customer. The facility offers a CNC tool and various robotic tools to its customers through using the fixtures produced by Yarış Kabin